There was this girl by the name of Daniela Young, from my point of view her life was hard. She was afraid to attend school because she got bullied alot, I was her only friend. People would stay away from her because of her scent. So one day I asked her “why smell this way?” I will never forget what she said: MY MOM HAS 5 KIDS, OUT OF ALL THE 5 KIDS SHE SENT ME TO LIVE WITH MY DAD, I DIDN’T WANT TO GO BUT I GUESS I HAD NO CHOICE. ONE NIGHT I WAS IN MY ROOM SLEEPING AND I FELT SOMEONE TOUCHING ME , I WAS SCARED TO LOOK SO I DIDN’T MOVE, I LET IT HAPPEN, AFTER A WHILE OF THE PERSON TOUCHING ME , I HEARD A VOICE SAID “TURN AROUNDIT WAS MY DAD BUT HE WAS DRUNk. I WAS SCARED TO TURN AROUND SO I DIDN’T MOVE. HE TURNED ME AROUND AND BEGAN TO TAKE OFF MY CLOTHES AND I BEGAN TO CRY BUT HE DIDN’T CARE HE DID WHAT HE HAD TO DO. AFTER THAT NIGHT I WENT TO SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY AND NEVER WENT BACK HOME, I’VE BEEN SLEEPING ON THE STREETS EVER SINCE, SO THATS WHY I SMELL. She said she never told anyone but me. I then encouraged her to speak up. And as I’m writing this now her dad has been in prison for 4 years.

The moral of the story is “Not to be afraid to speak up”

Everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their own skin.


— Break The Silence, SPEAK UP!!

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